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RadAR is a fully adjustable radial arterial compression device used to promote haemostasis following radial artery catheterisation, arterial line removal, haemodialysis or other blood vessel puncture in a patient’s arm, including patients on anticoagulation therapy.

    • Patent Haemostasis: RadAR enables gradual compression adjustments at RadAR 2anytime without unfastening the device. This enables patent blood flow through the radial artery while haemostasis occurs at the puncture site. RadAR's smaller footprint allows the operator to easily palpate the distal radial artery to detect direct physiological evidence of patent radial artery blood flow during the haemostasis period.


    •  Convenient adjustment: The operator can easily adjust RadAR's compression with one hand while the other hand palpates the radial artery to assess the distal pulse. ‘Clickstops’ help guide compression adjustments. The transparent compression pad provides excellent visibility of the puncture site so that any bleeding or oozing can be immediately seen.


    • Safe, comfortable operation: In addition to enabling patent radial blood flow, RadAR provides continued distal ulnar blood flow and venous return during radial artery compression. The cushion pads and the “focused compression” design also require less overall pressure around the wrist to achieve puncture site haemostasis. Both of these features contribute to enhanced patient comfort while the device is deployed.


    • Easy, rapid deployment: RadAR is fully-assembled and ready to use by a single operator and does not require any additional equipment or calibration. The movable compression pad’s size and features enable quick, accurate placement and help ensure proper compression of the both the puncture site and arteriotomy. RadAR's design enables the operator to avoid distal emboli and improve patient comfort by applying compression just after the sheath is pulled, and also permits flashing the site.

RadAR consists of an adjustable strap, a compression adjustment dial and a transparent compression pad. RadAR is a single use, fully disposable, sterile external compression system. ITL Healthcare will provide training if required.

Code: 30/140-0160-00
Units/Carton: 50
Price: $12.00 (ea)




WristAssist is a non-sterile device used for extending and stabilizing the wrist during mBrace 2vascular access procedures, including arterial line insertions and cardiac catheterisations using the radial artery or vien.WristAssist helps prevent patients from flexing their wrist during extended deployments for arterial lines.

The flat front edge helps to prevent rolling and provides a stable platform to support the wrist at a consistent 30º wrist extension angle. The soft fabric provides comfort for the patient, especially for longer arterial line deployments and the straps adjust easily to accommodate virtually any size hand.

Code: 30/140-0300-00
Units/Carton: 30
Price: $7.50 (ea)





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