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Surgical Drapes

ITL Healthcare’s wide range of sterile drape designs enables flexibility of choice thus ensuring our customers select the right drape for the procedure and their healthcare facility. Our bi-laminate fabric drapes consist of soft absorbent hydrophilic layer, which holds and disperses fluid away from the patient reducing the chance of contamination and infection, and an impermeable bottom layer that provides a non-slip fluid barrier substantial enough to meet AAMI Level 4 and EN13795. Where indicated our drapes qualify as impervious by rigorous, recognised standards ASTM 1670 and ASTM 1671.

ITL Healthcare continues to work closely with our customers to design and develop solutions that specifically meet their needs and the needs of their healthcare facility. Our extensive consultation process when designing new drapes helps our customers strive for unsurpassed clinical design and application, whilst still providing efficiencies and cost effectiveness.

Our range of surgical drapes includes the following categories.

If you can’t find that drape design that meets your needs, ITL Healthcare also develops  and creates customised solutions, simply email or phone us toll free in Australia on 1300 133 804 to discuss your requirements.